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Related article: Date : Fri, November 10, 2000 23 37th 01 EST From: Double n Subject : Broken Dreams... Part 15 What followed was an incredibly intense that surpasses all description of the question... So I'm not going to bother to describe it. Maybe a little note next conference, however. Of course, Chris and I have had sex at night, but not change our relationship at all. for all those who have sex changes everything, that the state tell me that only the changes things when your relationship is devoid of love. Sex, in any way you choose is just an extension of love, and should not exist as a single unit in a relationship. There is in many respects, however, and if two very young, emotional men coexist in a relationship, are the same or opposite sex, it is almost evident that sexual relations occur. A sometimes occur regularly, sometimes occurs irregularly. People should not before sexual encounters, but, but, when two true lovers together for a month haven't had sex at least once, may be problem. That does not mean that relationships do not exist, where the two human beings simply do not have sex, but these relationships should not occur n until you are older. Speaking from a male point of view, it is important men constantly remember that the sperm produced, and if you like the the idea of waking up sticky underwear, it is important to secure the release sperm , and the tension regularly. Personally, I prefer that while the share n in a love affair with the person I love, to do while a dream about a celebrity has an eye on. But I digress from the subject and lose sight of the story... is Not everyone was thinking this is a simple sleepover quickly banished from my mind. Chris slept in my arms after our intimacy, with and pressed my hands holding your body warm, slightly moist, well to me. Apart from a slight head adjustment so that my face was not strawberryFDI of his hair, I could not have been happy if he tried. I was tired, but was not yet ready to sleep, I have. Chris had had sex with and wonderfully intense and the tears were still drying requires stripes on the face of my s, and my suspicious nature, I enjoy this experience as as long as I could. It seemed like a good philosophy, but in all enjoy the moment of intimacy with your loved one as if it were your last, no I did not know when it might crumble around. One of the greatest regrets people have when their most valuable people, their principal of another dies in a terrible accident, he never had the opportunity to I tell them that she had loved before die. This could be a possible explanation to me sometimes almost obsessive love of people for whom care so much. It was for the benefit of not being sure of myself, I the value of my investment of Chris, I guess. But soon, however, the sense of b, where n securityand Chris Preteen Nudists prone form, with the sweet smell of the combination Chris my hair and soothes the body in sleep. I am not I'm sleeping, however, and the next morning I me in a corner of the bed, sleeping with Chris, where he had been. Blankets and our legs were a mess, and I still felt very tired, but he kind to urinate, so I was stunned and stumbled to the bathroom, breaking his shin on the table and desk awaken my senses almost entirely to the n is a few minutes short time that I got cursed as quiet as possible, to avoid waking the child in bed. My cat, let's look did not bother me kept me out of the way, since I have my business. At the turn of the toileting, washing hands, I looked in the mirror. Now, if people say it does not appear that early in the in the morning that are 100 % true. Despite my night of fun last time I looked in the mirror is a face that almost laugh. I vowed never to do again, and whatile think about what was in my below-average performance Chris n find attractive, I went back to bed in the room and fell asleep again under the n decks for a while, not even bother to check the clock. No n ot care how late it was, I just wanted to Preteen Nudists sleep and keep my Chris, so I carefully wrapped my arms around him and pressed again, as I was re- sleep. did not work too well, though, as the two were a couple of hours, woke up later, after the phone. Pulling my hand from my boxer, which is somehow found its way into my dream, I gently moved the legs of Chris the form of access and crawled to the phone. " Yes?" I moaned. " Hey, Dave. How are you this morning? " Came the familiar voice in the the other end of the line. This is a Saturday, the Jehovah's Witnesses made ​​their rounds and a man individuals was no hurry for me the past few months, and I was always that too friendly with him, just the shit, so he called andvery Saturday sure he was and had no plans, and then he came through.. "Hey, Paul," I said. "I'm fine " ". Large businesses I can go for a few ?" He asked. that I wanted to say that he had plans with my mother, and went out, , or cut my balls today, or something, but I had a shrewd notion n y said. "Sure, come.. and when you want " " Great", he said : ".. We will be in about 15 minutes of" n " I see you," I said as cheerfully as possible before the crash. that got out of bed and tried to find his pants, while Chris along n and out of bed. yawned and asked, " Who was that " ".. Only a few people who are guests are within minutes, so that may want to wear " was my reply. " Oh, shit. " He said quickly and ran to her bag and sifted through it, try to find some clothes. " Do not worry. " Consoled me : ".. It should not take long, and I have is an idea that you have to play, but" shrugged shoulders, " Whano? " I told him what my plan, and he smiled and said, " You're so sweet, baby. " I reached out and took her hand, then bent and kissed fast. " Good morning, Chrissie. " He nodded and said, " Good morning baby. "While dressing.
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